Portslade Animal Rescue is a family run sanctuary near Brighton, East Sussex. We started up over 25 years ago mainly rescuing cats, although we did take some dogs and other animals, then, as more rabbits became abandoned, we started to take in bunnies as well.


Over the past 25 years hundreds of rabbits as well as many cats have passed through our doors. We tried to re-home as many rabbits as we could, but, sadly, because of terrible living conditions, lack of suitable food and/or physical abuse, most of the ones left here have health issues and can’t be re-homed, so our rescue, which is also our home, is their forever sanctuary where they receive all the care and love they need.


We are a non-profit organisation, run by a handful of volunteers; We rely solely on donations, sponsorship and fund-raising. Most of the rabbits and cats we take in are not vaccinated or spayed/neutered and many also have health issues and we struggle to cover our ever increasing vet bill.





      (our mascot) 

     sadly now at the 

     Rainbow Bridge